Who we are

A dynamic and coordinated family therapy that gives comprehensive, creative and feasible services

LESHTAG WORLD EMERGE is a Christian organization whose professionals are trained to facilitate restoration and total healing to individuals, families and Organizations. and believes that, the fullness of life and absolute joy can only be found in God. Fulfilment and Successes therefore is a product of Gods grace and mercy.

What we offer

Lebo Tshabalala

Lebo is a qualified Family Law Mediator and Transformation Life Coach accredited local and international. Her focus is to deliver highly interactive, skills-based processes. She works closely with her clients to effectively respond to the needs, underlying interests and explore viable solutions to address the issues. Lebo’s strength is in supporting groups in working collaboratively through complex and sensitive issues towards mutually acceptable resolutions. She is committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism by keeping up to date with the latest developments in her field and by working with integrity at all times.


  1. To provide support, care, healing and counselling.
  2. To afford the opportunity for personal development through the provision of programs that enhance life skills, self-image and vocational motivation.
  3. An inclusive environment encouraging participation from all ethnic groups & fostering
  4. To assist in any way possible the welfare of the wider community.
  5. To provide a preventative and early intervention approach.
  6. Provide facilities and programs to meet the needs of our future generations as well as bridging the gap and maintaining the balance of Intergenerational Equity.
  7. Support people through life transitions
  8. Develop better integrated and coordinated services.
  9. Making the investment count (creating tangible current & future social benefits).
  10. Develop local solutions to local problems.
  11. To provide an opportunity for social interaction.
  12. To promote cross cultural understanding.

The natural progressions of the human life is without inherent challenges, some of these Challenges could be overwhelming and other times could be the catalyst to the next level of life. Having the ability to harness the vicissitudes of life into a profitable venture demands experience and in most situations a coach who can predict values out of problems.